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introducing usdc

While this was mostly a standard coin launch technically, this would be Luno's first stablecoin.

We decided a guide component would be best to introduce USDC's benefits to our customers. But we needed to test its content with a broad audience. Luckily we had a diverse audience at our finger tips.

USDC on Luno
introducing usdc: Work

testing the guide

We tested our first draft with Luno employees through a company-wide survey that examined the text without accompanying imagery. We anonymised the data, but we needed to create a profile of our respondents to understand their habits and motives. Fortunately, most of our respondents didn't own any USDC yet, just like most of our customers.

USDC pies.png
introducing usdc: About Me

While the guide screens were received relatively well (with an average usability score of 5.8 out of 7 from the 64 survey respondents) many felt strongly about the wording and how we represent this feature. To properly digest this we broke the feedback into categories per guide screen so we could prioritise the trends.

An interesting insight that came up was that people didn't feel a need to be bombarded with so much information around the technology. If they wanted to get into the technicalities they could easily read articles outside of the app. They wanted an overview that was easy to grasp.

draft guides.png
introducing usdc: About Me

the final guide

Eventually we only needed 2 screens. The first, to explain the benefits of USDC, a cryptocurrency that's tethered to the value of the US dollar price, and the second screen to hint at how that link works. We repurposed many of the terms the respondents use to mirror a language our customers could understand.

UX Writing Visibility - Frame 5.png
introducing usdc: About Me


There were some concerns when we decided to share our first draft with the whole company. Some stakeholders felt it would be better to get their input first, because their feedback would be "more valuable" than the rest of the company.

It's important to note that while we may be accountable to stakeholders, we are still designing for customers. We asked the stakeholders to complete the survey, along with all other employees. In fielding the comments we hid the names of participants so we wouldn't be swayed by "heavy-weighters". We were able to produce an insightful and exciting guide because we considered all feedback as valuable.

introducing usdc: Text
introducing usdc: Text
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